R&M Blower and Vacuum offerings::

  • 3BA Regenerative Blowers for vacuum or pressure
  • Custom solutions Blowers for various applications
  • L-Series oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps
  • VCX/PCX non-contact rotary claw vacuum/pressure pumps
  • KRF oil-free (dry) rotary vane vacuum/pressure pumps
  • 3AL total recirculating liquid ring vacuum pumps (self-contained unit)
  • AV once-through/partial recirculating liquid ring pumps
  • HP oil-less piston vacuum/pressure pumps
  • Parts & Accessories for Busch, Becker and Rietschle pumps
  • Custom Pressure & Vacuum Systems
  • Oil-free air compressors

We offer support from technical field regional managers, distributors, and representatives strategically located throughout the USA.

Our manufacturers have factories in New Jersey, Europe & Asia. USA stocking facilities in New Jersey, California, Georgia.

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