Spencer Vortex Regenerative Blowers

Whether you provide equipment for aeration, air cushioning, conveying, de-icing, drying, high velocity removal, labeling, packaging, vacuum hold down, or other applications, you need a high quality, reliable air source.

The Vortex regenerative blower from ROOTS is that source.

With quiet operation and reliable, energy-efficient performance, the Vortex blower features a broad range of models capable of handling applications requiring medium pressure and airflow.

Blower capacities are available up to 645 scfm, pressures to 3.9 psig (108” H20) and vacuum to 7.6” Hg (104” H20).

The standard Vortex blower model is equipped with a TEFC 50/60 Hz motor and can accommodate a wide range of worldwide voltages and power supplies.

These low-maintenance blowers feature a compact footprint and provide continuous duty, non-pulsating, oil-free airflow. They are ideal for a broad range of air handling applications.

Shown Above: Models VB037 and VB003

Typical Applications

combustion air • vacuum hold down • test air • soil remediation • air cushioning • scrap collection • wastewater treatment aeration • tank agitation • air sampling • air knives • de-icing • aquaculture aeration • food packaging • dust collection • trim removal • pneumatic conveying • pneumatic tube transfer • powder recovery • radon gas elimination • drying • automatic bottling • filling or bagging


Image shown is Model VB037XP with special paint.

  • A: 9.00 – 25.50 inches
  • B: 8.16 – 23.09 inches
  • C: 7.89 – 22.24 inches
  • D: 1.00 – 3.00 inches

For more information on the dimensions of a specific model, please ask your sales representative.

ROOTS may make improvements and dimensional changes to equipment designs based on market trends and requirements.

Vortex® is a registered trademark of ROOTS.