Mobile Power Tip Line: Stud Kits

Stud Kits – an often overlooked aspect to PTO installation

Correct stud kit installation is essential to PTO operation and ensuring long life. Failure to follow correct stud kits installation could result in leaks and PTO/transmission damage.

6 & 8 Bolt Installation

Install the stud until the barrel of the stud is even with the transmission pad. This typically requires a torque limit of 30-35 lbs.-ft. (6 bolt pad) or 40-45 lbs.-ft. (8 bolt pad). If more torque is required to install the stud to the barrel or to the depth shown in the table below, remove the lock patch form the stud and transmission mounting holes and use a liquid Loctite in place.


Place the shims/gaskets over the installed studs. Position the PTO and start the nuts. Do not tighten yet. Check for gaps and proper mesh between gear teeth. Check for proper backlash. Tighten and torque using the “X” pattern. Torque mounting cap screws/nuts to 40-45 lbs.-ft. (6 bolt) or 50-55 lbs.-ft. (8 bolt).

CS24 & CS25 Bolt Installation
Install alignment studs in transmission housing the correspond with the following diagram.

stud-kits-in95-02The mounting gasket on the installed studs. Check for gaps/proper mesh between gear teeth. Assure correct installation of Nordlock washers on the correct cap screws; tighten top and bottom cap screws.



Tighten remaining screws using “X” pattern. Torque 40-45 lbs. ft.stud-kits-image-3

You can find information on correct stud kit installation in the owner’s manual provided with you PTO, on Muncie’s website, or by calling R&M Equipment!

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