ROOTS Roots Blower: Blower Package Manufacture

From start to finish, R&M Equipment’s blower package manufacturing process

R&M Equipment Company recently made a unique duplex ROOTS Roots blower package. We documented the process to show our customers each step in the blower package manufacture process. We can work with any constraints you may have and come up with a good solution.

Blower Package from Start to Finish


R&M Equipment can quickly provide CAD drawings of pressure or vacuum blower package designs up to 1000 Hp. We will work with closely with the customer to comply with all system requirements.


Once the drawing meets the customer’s approval, the blueprints are fabricated in our shop. Our certified welders can handle any welding spec our customer may have.

Blower Packages

We offer both standard and custom packages. Pictured is a custom bent plate, elevated table base. We also make a non elevated design, both options are either made out of a bent plate or structural steel. When designing we always consider minimizing vibration on all base styles.


R&M Equipment takes great pride in offering a quality product. Priming and painting can be matched to your specs, such as sandblasting, custom colors, or epoxy paints.


This is a custom duplex design for a customer. In the assembly we mounted two 36 URAI ROOTS Roots blowers to the package. Once everything is in place, the V-Belt alignment takes place.


R&M also offers sound enclosures from ArtUSA Industries custom made for your blower package. The free standing enclosure features galvanized steel with 2″ absorption material, ventialtion hoods and removable access panels.



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