Root Blower Help Line: Schedule Maintenance

This summer remember to schedule maintenance so you can take a vacation, not your blower!

As summer comes into full effect, the conditions that your blowers operate under could be changing too, and this needs to be taken into consideration before you go on vacation. Make sure to have a clear schedule that other coworkers would be able to follow while you are away.
Your blower is a simple machine that just moves air, and it needs you to allow it do its work by:

  •  Changing your air filter before it is clogged
    – Call us for replacement air filters
    – Ask about restriction gauges to determine the best time to change your filters
  •  Aligning your drives and properly tensioning your belts
    – Call for belts, sheaves, bushings, and tension gauges
    – Ask about field service and training
  • Giving your process air a clear path to do the work it’s designed to do!
    – All valves fully open? They should be…
    – Pressure relief valve working? We have them…
    – Pressure gauges working? We have these too!

A quick review of your blower process could catch a problem before a breakdown!

Remember: air in, air processed, and air out!

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